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We provide full service event decor for your Mehndi, Sangeet, Wedding, Reception & More. Backdrop & Stage Decor, Draping, Linens, Centerpieces & the works.

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We have answers!

Do you have a showroom?

In order to stay competitive, we do not have a formal showroom. We provide consolations in our humble home office to discuss the details of your event and show off our portfolio. We also have a few select items such as linens and centerpiece samples in our office space to show you an overall vibe for your event decor. 

I'm interested in booking you. What's the next step?

our booking process

1. please fill out the our "contact us"  form or send an email - we will respond within 2 business days to your email


2. from there - once we have enough information about your event, we will put together a rough event quote for you to make sure that our services meet your event needs and budget

3. we will then set a time to meet for a complimentary consultation to discuss your event needs; after our meeting we will send an updated quote with event details & from there - you have two weeks to finalize your decor with us.

4. We will send over an electronic contract to be signed with deposit info and all event details

5. & then your booked! hooray. from that point we can begin planning the details for the event, meet at the venue[s] and start the creative process to customize each and every detail for your event[s]!

Do you require a deposit?

Yes we do have a requirement of a deposit and signed contact to confirm your event date.

I have received my quote, is my event date booked?

No, please note - a quote does not guarantee your event booking. Your event will be booked with us once a contract has been signed and a deposit payment has been made.

Are you prices firmly set?

There may be a little wiggle room when it comes to what are clients want and need. Don't let an initial quote throw you off course, communicate your budget and what you need for your event and we will do our best to accommodate you anyway we can. Communication is our best tip for you. Let us know your budget and what your needs are and we will do our best to meet them and find a middle ground!

Why is event decor so expensive?

There are hours upon hours spent planning, designing, preparing, prepping, setting up, tearing down, cleaning, and more. Event decor is much more than meets the eye and we do account for all of our time spent when pricing out the decor items for each event. 

Do you offer packages or discounts for multiple events?

We do not offer packages or discounts, everything is customized for your decor and we treat each event as a unique project.

What services DON'T you provide?

We currently do NOT provide:

Planning/Coordination, Tables/Chairs and other "rentals", Chair Covers, Tents, Crockery/China or Fresh Flowers. We can refer vendors to you for all of the above mentioned services.

How far in advance should i book your services?

As soon as possible, or as soon as you are ready. This question is a tough one as there is no one answer. Our event bookings are completely based on availability, we are a small company and only take a limited amount of events per weekend - so as soon as you have your event date and venue let us know. We have been booked up to a year in advance and sometimes a month in advance, just depending on our availability.

Do you only rent items?

No, we actually provide full service decor - meaning, anything that you are renting from us [table linens, centerpieces, draping and more] will be delivered, set up and also pickup by us! You will not need to do anything except enjoy your event!

How many events do you take on at one time?

We generally take on one event per date, we are a small business and take a limited number of events to ensure we can provide all of our clients excellent service!

How long have you been in business?

We have been dreaming up designs since 2013. Our passion is weddings but we take on any special event/occasion.

Who will set up our event?

We will! We are a husband and wife duo, we handle everything from initial emails to meetings to the event day itself! One or both of us will be there for every aspect of your event set up and pickup!

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