raman & raveen

about us

R&R Event Rentals is a boutique decor and design studio; run by a husband and wife team.

Raman - 28, ambitious, creative, joyful & a do-it-yourself-er

Raveen - 34, charismatic, dependable, sociable & a jack-of-all-trades

Together, we make up R&R Event Rentals - We love what we do, it's who we are - working side by side to create amazing events! Connecting with our clients, meeting new people & making friends along the way are all perks of our amazing job!  

We consider  ourselves extremely lucky!


While planning our own wedding we were amazed at how much we spent on just the basics. We wanted to provide a service at the most reasonable price for clients just like us! R&R Event Rentals was designed with you in mind, we are a young, fun loving couple, doing everything in our power to create everlasting memories for our amazing clients.

We have been in business now for close to 5 years and this is our full time job. We treat each event as if it is our own and take an immense amount of pride and joy in not only our work, but also the process itself. We promise exceptional service from beginning to end.


We are very familiar with not only the wedding planning process, but also with other vendors in this industry and venues as well, we are here to help you every step of the way and provide phenomenal decorations for each and everyone of your events.

Raman & Raveen | R&R Event Rentals

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