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" I can't thank Raman and Raveen enough for making our wedding decorations what they were, and for being so understanding with our special requests...! Seriously, these two are the most personable humans and will work with you to create your dream! "

- Shilpi & Chaitanya


Event Rentals


R&R Event Rentals is a boutique decor and design studio; run by a husband and wife team - Raman & Raveen!

Together, we make up R&R Event Rentals - We love what we do, it's who we are - working side by side to create amazing events! Connecting with our clients, meeting new people & making friends along the way are all perks of our amazing job!  We consider ourselves extremely lucky!


While planning our own wedding we were amazed at how much we spent on just the basics. We wanted to provide a service at the most reasonable price for clients just like us! R&R Event Rentals was designed with you in mind, we are a young, fun loving couple, doing everything in our power to create everlasting memories for our amazing clients.

We have been in business now for close to 9 years and this is our full time job. We treat each event as if it is our own and take an immense amount of pride and joy in not only our work, but also the process itself. We promise exceptional service from beginning to end.


We are very familiar with not only the wedding planning process, but also with other vendors in this industry and venues as well, we are here to help you every step of the way and provide phenomenal decorations for each and everyone of your events.

Est. 2013

"  I can honestly say working with Raman and Raveen was one of few BLESSINGS while planning our wedding. I came to our design meeting with just a color palette request, I wasn't sure of what I wanted but I was delivered with more than I could ask for! "

- Alex & Ravi 


32, mama, wife, ambitious, creative & a do-it-yourself-er

a note from Raman:

Hello!! So excited you are here visiting our website. My name is Raman, i am the creative head and lead designer at R&R Event Rentals. I have a background and degree in marketing and accounting.

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, Union City to be specific. I was raised with the notion that nothing is unreachable, with hard work and dedication. I am so thankful for the constant love and support given to me by my friends and family. 

Growing up I was always a creative soul, and I am beyond thankful to wake-up every day doing a job that I love with a partner I could not be without! 

I love starbucks coffee, watching movies in my spare time, binging on netflix every chance i get and a good board game for a date night in! My favorite thing to do is hanging out with my bundle-of-joy Avani [my 18 month old baby girl]!


37, dada, husband, dependable, sociable & a jack-of-all-trades

a note from Raveen:

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by our website! My name is Raveen, I am the person behind the physical decor and handle all logistics for R&R Event Rentals. I have a degree in criminal justice and general background in construction passed down from my dad.

I now live in Union City but am originally from Hayward, CA. I grew up with a large family surrounding me, cousins, aunts and uncles showering us with love is probably what made me into the very sociable person that i am today. 

I have forever been the person all of my friends call when their is a problem that needs to be solved, having a natural brain for these skills has helped us create a growing business. I am also an original member of Bhangra Empire having played dhol for several years and i think that has a huge influence on my love for my culture and traditional elements.

I am a huge gun enthusiast and also a die-hard raider fan, you may know me as #RaiderSingh or for my tailgates at the Oakland Collesium with the C-Lot-Boyz. I love hanging with friends but most of all love to be with my baby girl, Avani!


the newest addition to the R&R team....

Avani is 18 month old, our biggest blessing and our little helper. 


Raman & Raveen

Mama & Dada


"  Where do I even begin....Raman and Raveen weren't just decorators for us they were one of the biggest parts of making our dream wedding come true! I am so grateful we decided to share our dream wedding with Raman and Raveen because they took into account all the little details we described and turned them into reality. They not only helped us with the decor but supported us at times when we thought we'd have to give up! They were there to problem solve and make it happen!   "

- Harleen & Amit

Lets Work


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