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Maiyan Details

When Preparing the Maiyan Chowk

Start by using flour; sprinkle the flour to create an outline of the design of your choice. This can be done on the floor or on a cardboard surface. Continue to fill in design with colored rice or powder.

Maiyan Details

Note: Each family has slightly different traditions, the below details are one variation of how a Maiyan Ceremony can take place.


The meaning of Maiyan is to cleanse the skin and create a glow!


Traditionally the Bride/ Groom have two Maiyans, the first Maiyan Ceremony is performed before 12pm and the second Maiyan, typically held the day before the wedding, is done after 12pm. Both Maiyans should be in an outdoor uncovered area facing the East.


A close family member may host your first Maiyan Ceremony. If you are hosting both of your Maiyan Ceremonies at your own home, you must sit in the same place for both Maiyans.


The Bride/Groom removes their shoes, cover their head and walk toward the Maiyan Chowk holding any or all of the following: The Subor (Phulkari Chunnie), a tray with the Maiyan, their stool & the foot stool. Oil is spilled in the doorway before the Bride/Groom exit the house to walk toward the Maiyan Chowk.


Once the Bride/Groom reach the Chowk, place the stool behind or on the Chowk for the Bride/Groom to sit on, place the footstool in front of the Bride/Groom.


Friends & Family gather around the Chowk and hold the Subor above the Bride/Grooms head, this continues throughout the entire Maiyan.Each person takes turns applying the Maiyan on the

Bride/Groom; the Maiyan is usually rubbed on the face, arms & legs.


While the Maiyan is taking place, Boliyan (songs) are sung and Uttah (red string) is tied on everyone’s wrists. TIP: Have a pair of scissors handy to cut the Uttah.


When everyone has applied the Maiyan, the Mother of the Bride/Groom feed her/him five bites of something sweet, generally Laddo.If the Bride/Groom has a Bhabi (sister-in-law), she is supposed to stop the Mother from feeding the Bride/Groom as a game.


When the Bride/Groom have been fed, the Subor is placed on the Bride/Grooms head, and then there may or may not be Sagan (money) given to the Bride/Groom. At this point the Bride/Groom head inside the house carrying the CHUNNIE on their head.


The Mother of the Bride/Groom will then step over the Maiyan Chowk five times & then scoop up all the rice & place it in a bag or to the side. Some water will be applied to what remains on the ground from the Chowk, the Mother will then gather what she can in her hands and place five hand stamps on a wall or side of the house.


The entire Maiyan Ceremony is then complete.



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