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Wedding Centerpiece Rentals

Three Things You Should Consider Obtaining From an Indian Reception Decor Rental Company

If you are planning on having a traditional sangeet or Indian wedding reception, you may be looking for Indian reception decor rental. Reception decor rentals are significantly cheaper than purchasing everything yourself for the wedding, especially since most items you will only use one. Rental companies offer everything from textiles to wedding centerpiece rentals for your event. Here are three things that you should consider obtaining from a rental company for your Indian wedding reception or sangeet.

Mehendi Station and Set-Up

One of the reception decor rentals items that you may need for your Indian sangeet or reception is a mehendi set-up and station. Mehendi is ancient Indian body art that is painted on the body using a paste. Many brides have traditional symbols painted on their body prior to the ceremony to help ensure the marriage is successful. Guests also often also have artwork done on their body to represent their hopes for the future of the couple, including wealth, health and fertility.

Bright Curtains and Linens

When it comes to American weddings, wedding centerpiece rentals are a must. But when it comes to Indian weddings, the backdrop is more important than table centerpieces. Indian wedding receptions are characterized by their bright and bold curtains and linens that adorn a rental space. Bright and bold colors help to add happiness, warmth and color to the space. Renting bright curtains and linens can really help to make your space pop and set the tone for the entire event.

Traditional Indian Throw Pillows

The final thing that is a must at any Indian wedding reception are Indian throw pillows. These pillows are placed throughout the space and can be used for people sitting on the floor, as back cushions on chairs, or just to add texture, color and culture to the event. An Indian reception decor rental company can work with your color scheme and theme to help you select the pillows that look great within your space, while also being comfortable for anyone who wants to use the pillow in a functional way.

Every bride dreams of their wedding day, and they want to ensure that everything is perfect and everything they have dreamed it would be. Indian reception decor rental can help you get the wedding centerpiece rentals and backdrop rentals to really make your ceremony everything you have dreamed of and more. When you are looking for reception decor rentals, R & R Event Rentals is here to help you. Reach out to us today and let us transform a blank space into the perfect venue for your event.

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