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Wedding Ceremony Decor

What Types of Wedding Ceremony Decor Should You Consider Getting From Wedding Decoration Rentals Companies?

If you are planning your wedding, one of the decisions you have to make is what types of wedding ceremony decor you want at your ceremony. Once you know what type of decor you want, you then have to decide what to purchase outright and what you should rent from wedding decoration rentals or wedding decor services companies. Here is a list of three items you should consider renting and the reasons why.

Aisle Runners

Aisle runners are used for a few different reasons. An aisle runner helps to create a contrast between the floor and the area where a bride will be walking. An aisle runner also helps to keep the wedding dress clean and from dragging at an outdoor venue where there may be grass or sand. If you are looking at wedding ceremony decor, an aisle runner is something you should consider renting, rather than buying, as it is an item that you will not use again.


Another item that you should consider renting from wedding decor services is the chairs for your event. If you are having a wedding in a church, pews may be in place and seating is not something you need to consider. But, if you are having your wedding outside, you may want to rent chairs for your guests to sit in. Due to the number of chairs you will need, you should consider renting, rather than buying. Chairs can also be transferred to your reception after the wedding is over.

Pergola, Arbors or Arches

The final item that you should look into for wedding decoration rentals is the pergola, arbor or arches that couples stand under during their wedding ceremony. These pergola, arbors or arches are typically decorated with tulle and flowers, vines or branches to help create a more romantic setting for the wedding. Pergolas, arbors and arches are pricey to purchase yourself and can quickly eat up your budget. Instead, you may want to rent the fixture itself, and spend your money on flowers, fabric, ribbons and other decor to ensure it is everything you have dreamed of.

The wedding ceremony decor you select can help set the mood and ambiance for your wedding. Obtaining these items from a wedding decor services or wedding decoration rental companies can help to ensure you get the mood that you want for your ceremony at an affordable price. Here at R & R Event Rentals, we are committed to ensuring your wedding is perfect. Contact us today to discuss any wedding decor that you may be looking to rent for your ceremony or your reception.

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