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We provide full service event decor for your Mehndi, Sangeet, Wedding, Reception & More. Backdrop & Stage Decor, Draping, Linens, Centerpieces & the works.

Wedding Planning Timeline

Having a timeline can help you stay on course during your wedding planning journey! This will vary from couple to couple but we hope this general information will be helpful to all of you!

12+ Months Prior to your Wedding...

  • Create your wishlist, think of all of your wedding dream and write them down. Throughout the planning process you may have to prioritize these items but its great to know what you want. 

  • Guests: Start collecting your guest list, their contact information and mailing addresses for invitations.

  • Budget: Discuss your ideal budget. This may be easier said than done as budgeting is an area you will learn and you go along your wedding planning journey!

  • Wedding Date: Choose a wedding date. Think about your additional ceremonies, such as sangeet, garba, henna and reception. This will help determine the venues needed to check on availability. Keep in mind that some of the most prestigious venue and experts, may book out even a full year ahead.

  • Announcement: share the news with family and friends and watch their excitment grow!

11 Months prior to your Wedding...

  • Venues: Once your wedding venue is finalized, begin thinking about the logistics for decoration, transportation and setup. Check fire codes and alcohol policies. Also look into venues for your additional events: reception, mehndi, garba and sangeet and book those for your events!

  • Vendors: Start researching wedding planners, decorations, photographers, videographers, florists, caterers, djs, outfits and any other vendors you're events. Book these ASAP. 

  • Guest List: Start your list of potential guests and combine with your fiancé’s. Be sure to ask family members who they want to invite. Consider space and budget considerations, and then begin adjusting the entire list accordingly. Start a spreadsheet with fields for names, addresses and events they will be attending, RSVPs and thank-you notes.

10 Months prior to your Wedding...

  • Website: Create a wedding website or event page. Update frequently because the information will be particularly important to your out-of-town guests as they finalize travel plans.

  • Wedding Party: Begin thinking about your wedding party, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

  • Engagement: Go ahead and throw that engagement party. Set up a cocktail hour with some of your favorite people and keep it small since you will also be inviting these people to the wedding.

  • Vendors: Continue researching vendors and book anyone if you have not already!

9 Months prior to your Wedding...

  • Bridal Ask Party: Throw a surprise party of your own by hosting a Bridal Ask Party, where you ask your bridesmaids to participate in your upcoming special day.

  • Videographer. Get your engagement video done, telling the story of how you met. Play it at your wedding or reception events.

  • Baraat: If you are interested, look into animal options, such as a horse, for your baraat. You will also need the appropriate permits from your city and venue.

  • Hotels: Research hotel options for you and your guests. This is particularly important for a destination wedding or if many of your guests will be coming in from out of town.

8 Months prior to your Wedding...

  • Entertainment: Book your entertainment acts, particularly the dhol player or band for the baraat, live music during the wedding and shows for the reception. If working with a choreographer, you’ll want someone who will teach your friends and family the dance routine.

  • Caterers: Arrange for tastings and review possible menus. Also verify the service items they provide and how they coordinate with your selected venues. 

  • Hotel: Reserve hotel rooms. Provide price options for your out-of-town guests.

7 Month prior to your Wedding...

  • Bridesmaids’ Outfits: Ask your bridesmaids to choose or try on their outfits. Often, the outfits require custom fitting or alterations, so get this taken care of sooner rather than later. Remember, you can buy or rent the outfits.

  • Invitations: Send out save-the-date cards. Look into working with a calligrapher if you want personalized invitations and placecards for the event

  • Transportation: You will have many transportation needs, for yourself and for your many guests, especially out-of-town guests.

6 Months prior to your Wedding...

  • Honeymoon: Begin looking at your honeymoon options. Beach? Scuba diving? Hiking? Food?

  • Timetable: Go ahead and prepare tentative timetables for each of your events: sangeet, garba, henna, haldi, reception and wedding.

  • Officiant: Meet with your officiant, imam, pandit, pastor or priest. Ask if any special ceremonial items are needed. Share your proposed timetable and get their feedback.

  • Invitations: Work with your invitations expert to finalize the invitations and mail out. Customize the invitations for each event that your guests will be attending, since not all guests will be attending all events. Be sure to include maps, RSVP cards and even thank you cards.

  • Cake: This is the yummy part. Go to cake tastings with themes in mind. You have many, many cake options, so work with a specialty bakery that understands your needs.

5 Months prior to your Wedding...

  • Bridal Shower: Enjoy a day with your loved ones to celebrate YOU. 

  • Music: Work with your DJ on your music selections.

  • Lighting: Lighting is becoming increasingly important in creating mood and theme. In addition, lighting ensures good photos. Work with your photographer and DJ or lighting specialist. 

  • Decor: Work on your decor theme for each of your events.

  • Name Change. Look into documentation needed if you are choosing to change your name. Include your social security, bank accounts and passport. If traveling overseas for your honeymoon, be sure your name on all documents is consistent. It’s perfectly okay to keep your name.

4 Months prior to your Wedding...

  • Outfit: Try on your outfit and get alterations done as needed.

  • Jewelry: Now with your outfit chosen, it’s time to choose the jewelry as well, including fine jewelry and additional accessorized pieces. Remember pieces for your bridesmaids and family members who will be receiving jewelry gifts.

  • Schedule: Send your event schedule to vendors. Giving them a first draft now allows ample time for adjustments and feedback.

  • Honeymoon: Considering new luggage? Now is the time to finalize your honeymoon plans, including travel and hotel options.

3 Months prior to the Wedding...

  • Guest Book: Choose your guest book. This is the book placed at the entrance that all of your guests sign and for your record so that you thank everyone who attended.

  • Menu: Finalize and print menu cards.

  • Photo-Shoot: have a pre-wedding photo session with your photographer

2 Months prior to your Wedding...

  • Guest Packages: Put together care packages for your out-of-town guests. These may include a map, chocolates, your contact information, a schedule and some sightseeing highlights. Leave these at their hotel to receive upon check-in.

  • Gifts: Work to create customized take-home gifts for your wedding party members and guests.

  • Childcare: If inviting families, arrange for a childcare option, particularly for long ceremonies.

  • Insurance & Permits: Confirm with your vendors and venues that all have the required insurance paperwork completed. If you need event insurance, your own agent can provide it at a reasonable rate. This is important, so don’t leave it until the last minute.

  • Honeymoon Suite. Make reservations for your wedding night.

  • Vendors: finalize any decor, lighting, music, and major changes with vendors 

6 Weeks prior to your Wedding...

  • Vendors: Reconfirm dates, times and planning with all vendors, including caterers, venues, stylists, etc.

  • Photographer: Meet with your photographer and outline specific photos and shots you want.

  • Music: Review your playlists with your DJ.

  • Invitations: Make sure all of your invitations have been sent. Continue checking for RSVPs and update your database.

  • Take Time for Yourself: Go out and enjoy your bachelorette party.

1 Month prior to your Wedding...

  • Marriage License: Be sure to get your marriage license. Check expiration dates and ensure that your ceremony happens within the correct timeframe, which varies by state and locality.

  • Florist: Work with your florist to make sure all floral needs are taken care of, including boutonnieres, centerpieces and bouquets.

  • Shoes: Be sure to break in your shoes: you’ll be in them all day.

  • Guests: Check your database again and ensure an accurate headcount.

2 Weeks prior to your Wedding...

  • Vendors: Your vendors need the final headcount, including the caterers for food and alcohol and decorator for the table count and seating.

  • Venues: Work with your venue to coordinate logistics and arrival of your vendors.

  • Seating Chart: If catering a sit-down dinner, a seating chart for all guests is essential. Use sticky notes to move them around as needed. Share the final seating chart with the relevant vendors.

  • Transportation: Finalize all transportation for your events, including schedules and maps. Also, make sure transportation is available for all out-of-town guests.

1 Week prior to your Wedding...

  • Vendors. Address envelopes containing payments for each vendor.  

  • Honeymoon. Pack for your honeymoon: passports, bathing suits and sunscreen.

  • Wedding night: Pack any essentials for your wedding night.

  • Outfits: steam and iron, prepack outfits with all jewlery. 

  • Spa: have a spa day and take some time for yourself.

& now your Wedding day is here..

  • Breathe, sit back and relax.

  • Don't sweat the small stuff, enjoy these moments!

  • Marry the love of your life!

After your Wedding...

  • Ask your photographer to submit your wedding photos to Indian Weddings magazine or blog. 

  • Thank-You Notes: send thank you notes to your guests and vendors

  • Reviews: write your favorite vendors an online review. 

  • Photos: enjoy your wedding photos and share them with friends and family.

  • & now you are MARRIED! Enjoy It!

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