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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 has quickly effected our everyday lives. We as wedding and event professionals never anticipated anything close to the effect that the coronavirus and COVID-19 has had on us and the entire world.

Our hearts go out to all those who are sick, have loved ones they have lost, are currently not working, and those that are currently working on the front lines on a daily basis. We also think of all of the couples, the brides and grooms who should be dancing with their loved ones right now, but instead are having to take on stress in the realization that their wedding events cannot proceed as planned. The couples that have had to postpone this very special day in their lives to a new date in the future.

Here a just a few tips to help those couples in this very difficult time.


COVID-19 & Your Wedding Plans: Postponing your wedding due to The CORONAVIRUS

1. TALK THINGS OUT: Speak with your partner, family and friends. Talk about postponement, have a vent session and get others opinions to see what your next move will be. Find common dates that may work for your events in the future.

2. VENDORS & CONTRACTS: Chat with your vendors about their postponement and cancelation options and read through contracts to see what options you have. Most vendors also never expected a situation such as this and will try to be as accommodating as possible for their clients.

3. FIND A NEW DATE: Talk to your wedding planner, venue, and all other vendors to find a common date that works for all or most vendors to reschedule. You may need to be flexible on your date options, look at weekdays and also prioritize which vendors you definitely want to work with if all are not available for your new event dates.

4. INFORM YOUR GUESTS: As things change quickly, begin informing guests that you are thinking of postponing even if you do not yet have a new date so they can make necessary arrangements to attend your special events.

5. CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE: In the midst of all of the chaos, don't forget that your love is not lost. Be thankful for your health and making the moral decision for the safety of all of your guests and vendors. Keep your spirts high and remember you will have your wedding celebration eventually!


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