#NotLessJustSmaller - 5 steps to plan and decorate a small wedding due to the coronavirus

#NotLessJustSmaller #LoveIsNotCancelled

The coronavirus has turned our worlds upside down. Especially the world of a bride and groom who now have to redesign their entire wedding because of the coronavirus.

Here is your guide to decorating your small wedding:

1. Get Excited!

Be excited about your special day and think of this a a blessing rather than a challenge. Change your perspective and give yourself the gift of a positive mindset.

2. Regroup!

Think about the event as you previously had it planned. Now regroup and decide if you will be keeping the decor, theme, food, etc. the same or if you will be going in a whole new direction event the new event size.

3. Re-Plan!

Now that you have decided which road to travel, make any changes to accommodate the new event. Let's get all of those i's dotted and those t's crossed.

4. Splurge!

Considering you now have a smaller guest count and a smaller event, you can splurge a little on those items that were previously out of reach! Get the over the top dessert you really wanted or the chair upgrade to give you the decor of your dreams. You can now afford to have the wedding you always envisioned, just with a few less attendees.

5. Enjoy!

Enjoy the process, and remember that everything happens for a reason. This will all soon be a memory and a part of your ever changing love story! Your wedding does not have less love, less joy or less excitement, it's just smaller.

#NotLessJustSmaller #LoveIsNotCancelled

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